Train Night Market Ratchada 平民尋寶誌

話雖如此, 這裡仍有很多有特色的攤檔是很值得介紹給大家。

I believe many people know about the Train Night Market Ratchada, aka Talad RotFai Ratchada. I'm not going to describe this place in detail. However, there are still many great cool stuff worth to be mentioned !

There're 2 main reasons for us to come here this time, First, we actually never visited here before. Second, we wanna check out a vintage clothes shop here.

其實之前一直未有機會來過 Ratchada這個火車夜市 (第1代的火車夜市卻去過兩次)
今次是首次, 另一個(終於)要來原因就是要來看看這間 vintage 服裝店。

I believe Tangmo Vintage Shop is one of the most famous store in Talad RotFai Ratchada.
Cool vintage clothing, and is especially well-known for their vintage tee shirt series.

要說火車夜市裡最著名的店鋪, 相信Tangmo Vintage Shop 一定會是其中之一!
售買不同類型的懷舊服裝, 也當然有店鋪最有名的 Vintage Tee 系列。

Many THAI Stars wear their tee shirts as well
The shop owner, Mr. Watermelon, (the one next to Mario) is quite a nice and funny guy btw!

有不少的泰國明星潮人都有穿著他們這個 系列的Vintage tee.
而店主 " 西瓜" 更是一位友善又風趣優默的人哩!

Photo Source : Tangmo_Vintage instagram

Apart from vintage clothing, we also found a cool store selling different kinds liquor sample.
Liquor sample lovers would certainly love this shop.

I had also bought a pack of these liquor sample for my เมาชีวิต girlfriend as her hometown new housewarming gift. 555. (Google translate what is เมาชีวิต if you are curious to know it)

買完 Vintage tee, 又見到一間好有型買酒辦的攤檔, 愛酒之人絕對不能錯過!
而我都買了一盒自選的酒辦作為我的เมาชีวิต 女朋友家鄉的新居入伙禮物, 哈哈!
(有興趣知道甚麼是 เมาชีวิต 的朋友不妨 google translate 一下)

Any Snoopy fans here? I brought 2 of them home as well!
喂喂喂! 呢度有無 Snoopy 的Fans 呀? 我結果帶左2 隻走呀 55555!

Next time i gonna try one of these barber shops in Talad Rodfai here.
下次早d 黎一於試下呢度剪個型頭先!

Of course, there are many food items serving in the market.
Everybody knows i would always go for the Thai style one in most cases.

I really love The Green Papaya Salad Tray ("Tam Thad" ตำถาด) ,and the Giant noodles (Bami jompalang บะหมี่ จอมพลัง). But you have to take note if you can't eat spicy like a Thai.
(P.S. they are selling in different food stores.)

當然, 這裡也有不少食物攤檔。熟悉我習慣的朋友都知道我會選擇泰式食品。
當中的" (Tam Thad" ตำถาด) 青木瓜沙律盆, 和(Bami jompalang บะหมี่ จอมพลัง) 巨型蟹蓋麵 簡直令我吃過不停, 假如不能吃太辣的話, 就不要勉強自己 5555!
(P.s. 青木瓜沙律盆 和 巨型蟹蓋麵 是來自不同的食檔)

For more information about the giant noodles
更多有關 巨型蟹蓋麵 的資料:

My girlfriend said they always had this kind of milk for free during primary school days and didn't see if for long, is real vintage stuff indeed!

不見良久, 現在當然就是真 . 懷舊品 !

Feeling tired and wanna grab a drink, no problem! Many chill bars are found here!
I especially really love the creativity of this bar owner to use a vintage car as the bar table!

行到疲倦要休息, 呢度又有好多大大小小路邊酒吧可以 chill chill 一下。
我特別留意到這個以懷舊車改裝的酒吧吧檯, 不得不佩服店主的創意!

Turn to the back part of the train market, it is absolutely a Bar area with lots of local youngster chilling! In 90% of the cases, my girlfriend and i will settle in one of the bar chill a while, but not this time as we have other plan on the next morning, next time next time!

走到火車夜市就最後方, 原來別有洞天! 這一邊完完全全就是一個酒吧區, 每間酒吧都坐滿了不少的當地年輕人! 以我們正常的情況下, 早已走進其中一間酒吧飲返兩杯, 不過這次是個例外! 下次下次!

If you ask me to compare, i like Talad Rotfai more than ArtBox, although their targeting are different.

You can find more local stuff, vintage stuff of even forgottten gems here.
while there are more new stuff, designers stuff and the atmosphere is more chic in Artbox.

火車夜市跟Artbox 的客路和主打有所不同, 各有千秋。要我二選一的話我會選火車夜市!

你會在火車夜市找到更多本地懷舊物, 甚至可能是遺忘了的寶物!

Train Night Market Ratchada
Open on every Thursday to Sunday 1700-0100

How to get there:
MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station

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